Ahead of reopening, penguins at London’s aquarium enjoy Xmas movies

Ahead of reopening, penguins at London’s aquarium enjoy Xmas movies

The gentoo penguins at Sea Life London Aquarium have been having a gala time this Christmas season even though the place has been seeing a trickle of visitors due to the lockdown restrictions in the city.

According to the latest reports, the team appointed to look after the penguins has been using creative ways to keep the penguins entertained. Aquarist Leah Pettitt told leading English news daily that the year 2020 has been challenging in keeping the penguins busy in engaging activities. Pettitt also told the daily that they are always trying to bring in innovative methods to keep their in-house creatures entertained in order to enrich them.

The South Bank Sea Life London Aquarium has more than 500 species of aquatic animals ranging from sharks to moray eels.

Reportedly, the Sea Life team played classic Xmas movies on a big screen outside the penguin enclosure. In fact, the movie screenings are being held at other Sea Life aquariums in the UK. The penguins have liked the pictures, more so the Elf, and sounds of the festive movies.

Gentoo penguins are known to be the third largest and the fastest species of penguin. In addition, they are very playful and monogamous, with two penguins coupling for a few breeding seasons and taking equal onus of rearing their children.

When the winter sets in, the aquarists at Sea Life sync up the temperature and lights within their enclosure with the sunrise and sunset timings of the southern hemisphere. Penguins are mostly found in the southern hemisphere.

The Sea Life Aquarium are scheduled to reopen on December 16, 2020.

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