Barolo in Italy named as the City of Wine for 2021

Barolo in Italy named as the City of Wine for 2021

Mention Italy and wine is one of the first things that comes to mind. The gorgeous country is known for producing a wide range of wines. Taking their love to another level, Italians have introduced a new and official award,
City of Wine or
Città del Vino, that will begin from 2021. It is for the first time that Barolo is awarded the prestigious title. The prime purpose of starting a new award is to promote Italy’s wine tourism and culture while raising eco-awareness and throwing light on sustainable practices among visitors.

About Barolo

Barolo is a picturesque commune in the Province of Cuneo in Piedmont. The commune is known for its namesake wine, which is also considered the best in all of Italy. As you step in Barolo, the first thing to catch your attention are the hillsides, covered in vineyards, quaint villages and the sweet aroma of wine lingering in the air. The place is surrounded with Langhe Hills, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Barolo, winner for the first time

There were six other towns in the competition but Barolo won the
City of Wine title by beating them all. The city has planned events for next year including seminars, classes and exhibitions. The award’s decision came from the Città del Vino national association. This association promotes towns and cities from Italy’s active wine regions.

Theme of 2021

A flashback to the past will be the theme of the year and will be depicted via several events and initiatives revolving around traditional Italian celebrations. The events will also remember contributions of those who made Barolo wine iconic.

Italy is not only the world’s oldest wine-producing country but is also the largest exporter of aromatic and best wines in the world.

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