China’s President proposes a global QR code system to ease travel

China's President proposes a global QR code system to ease travel

China’s President Xi Jinping has proposed a new travel based system, based on QR codes, to ease travellers across the world. It is aimed to make travelling safer as the world grapples with COVID-19, the pandemic that has hit travel industry very hard. He proposed the new process, to enable cross-border movement for people, during a virtual G20 summit. The process is already in place across a lot of places in China.

This QR code system involves a standard process and mutual recognition of health certificates; it will also include nucleic acid test results. Jinping suggested this as a part of China’s bigger list of suggestion on coping with the pandemic that is still raging across the world after more than eight months of outbreak; it has also led to multiple rounds of lockdowns across nations around the world.

While most of the countries are coming to terms with cross-border travel with arrangements that include creating air travel bubbles, China’s proposal aims to make travelling easier on an individual level. Reportedly, China has made mobile QR codes essential within the country as a safety measure. Hong Kong is also planning to come up with such arrangement.

Jiping’s proposal has evoked mixed response from most of the participating countries, especially with organisations raising concern over privacy features and data safety of a standard QR code across nations.

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