COVID-19: Italy introduces new Christmas rules to discourage holiday travels

COVID-19: Italy introduces new Christmas rules to discourage holiday travels

While other countries are trying to make travel more real for tourists, Italy is discouraging its people from the same to put a stop on Coronavirus spread. Considering Christmas holidays are eagerly awaited for, people are bound to travel. To put a stop on such leisure travel, Italy has decided to introduce stricter rules for travellers over Christmas. So, if you are also planning a holiday in Italy, you must know these rules before:

Domestic travel restricted

Italy has put a strict restriction on domestic travel throughout December and early January. Thus, no non-essential travel is allowed in or out of regions during this period. Also travelling between towns is also restricted.

Mandatory quarantine

Anyone arriving in Italy over Christmas or New Year (between December 21st and January 6th), will have to quarantine for 14 days. This includes travellers arriving from the European Union list and all travellers, regardless of nationality.

Pre-travel testing for EU countries

The country has now extended the pre-travel testing rule for all the European countries from December 10. Previously, some EU countries were allowed to enter with pre-test but it has now been made mandatory for all, including the EU, Schengen Zone or the UK.

No Canadians allowed as tourists

Italy has removed Canada, Georgia and Tunisia from its non-essential travel list. From now on, residents of these countries must show proof of their urgent work or emergencies to enter Italy.

Countries that are under ‘safe to visit’ list

Singapore, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Rwanda, Thailand and Uruguay have made it under the safe list. Thus, residents of any of these countries are free to visit Italy; however, they will have quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

No change in rules for Indians and Americans

People travelling to Italy from India, US, Russia, China or any country outside Europe can travel for essential reasons or to return home, but not as a tourist.

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