COVID update: Taiwan bans entry of people arriving from India

COVID update: Taiwan bans entry of people arriving from India

In the wake of rising cases of COVID-19, Taiwan has decided to ban people from entering the country who have been to India in the previous 14 days. The major announcement was made today by the health minister of Taiwan Chen Shih-chung.

The minister said that the hard decision was taken because of the alarming number of COVID-19 cases in India which are increasing on a daily basis. With this, Taiwan has become the latest country to enforce such restrictions.

The minister said that besides the citizens of Taiwan, no one will be allowed in the country if they have travelled to India in the prior 14 days. The new restrictions will come into effect at midnight. As for returning Taiwanese, they’ll have to spend 14 days in centralised quarantine facilities.

Deputy economy minister Chen Chern-chyi is also considering sending a special aircraft to evacuate the 150 Taiwanese business people now stranded in India.

As per latest reports, the Indian second variant of the Coronavirus has reached more than 17 countries, including Iran and Switzerland. The second mutant has caused enough havoc in India and due to this several countries across the globe have shut their borders to those travelling from India.

On Monday, India’s COVID-19 record nearly touched 20 million and more than 300,000 new Coronavirus cases are being recorded in a day.

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