Europe might introduce a digital green pass to help restart travel

Europe might introduce a digital green pass to help restart travel

The European Commission has proposed the introduction of a digital green pass that will help grow cross-border tourism so as to revive economies in Europe. More details are yet to be released on March 17, but as of now the idea is that the digital certificate will allow authorities to know whether a traveller has been vaccinated, or has been tested negative for the virus.

Such a digital health pass or document is going to also contain other information, such as that of recoveries if in case the person was ill with the virus at some point. It remains to be seen if such a pass is mandatory for travellers, however, such a system is going to be valid for travelling between European Union member nations.

Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Union, recently tweeted mentioning such a pass. She emphasised that such a digital green pass is going to be perfectly safe, respecting data protection, privacy, and security. It is not being called a vaccine passport, because not everyone has access to them. Hence, the Commission does not want to limit people’s freedom based on the limited access to the vaccines.

The idea is that with such a pass it will be easier for Europeans to move around Europe with ease, and having complete knowledge of the surroundings.

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