Exploring five most underrated Indian destinations

Exploring five most underrated Indian destinations

India is one beautiful country visited by globetrotters in large number. There are a number of pretty and gorgeous destinations, which are absolutely popular and mostly commercialised. But there are also places that are not visited by many and are still away from all the glitz and glitter (thankfully). However, that certainly doesn’t mean that these underrated Indian destinations have anything less to offer. If you are a traveller by soul, who believes in taking ‘roads less travelled’, this might interest you.

Read on to know more about these beautiful and less-visited places in India.

Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Exploring five most underrated Indian destinations

Ziro Valley in lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh is home to one of the oldest tribes alive in India called the Apatani Tribe. What perfectly defines the destination is its paddy field, lush greenery, stunning landscape, and incredible tribal people. The destination with its unadulterated beauty looks like a dream that you certainly don’t want to wake up from.

Places to visit in Ziro: Shiva temple, Meghna Cave Temple, Kile Pakho

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Exploring five most underrated Indian destinations

Mawlynnong village, situated in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, is renowned for its cleanliness and natural beauty. The village is also awarded with the prestigious title of being ‘Asia’s Cleanest Village’. Though the place is quite tiny, there is absolutely no dearth of beauty in here. One can also experience living root bridges on their way to Mawlynnong.

Places to visit in Mawlynnong: Jingmaham Living Root Bridge, Sky View Point, Nohwet View Point, Balancing Rock of Mawlynnong, Borhill Falls

Lonar Crater, Maharashtra

Enough has been written and said about the Lonar Crater in Maharashtra but still somehow it is away from tourist radar. Located in Buldana district, this lake was created more than 570,000 years ago because of a meteor impact. Is the reason not enough to make a travel visit here?

Majuli, Assam

Exploring five most underrated Indian destinations

Majuli in Assam is one of the largest freshwater river islands in Asia in the Brahmaputra River. In the year 2016, the island was given the title of district by the Assam government. The island has shrunk in size as the water of the river has increased and also due to constant soil erosion, it is believed that the island will become a history in next 15 to 20 years! The beauty of this island is completely unmatched and to make the maximum of it, you must visit the place during the winters. Visit the place before it disappears!

Places to visit in Majuli: Dakhnipat Satra, Molai Forest, Ajan Pir Dargah

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

Exploring five most underrated Indian destinations

A lovely little hill station in Himachal Pradesh close to Dharamshala, Khajjiar will blow your mind away with it gorgeous landscape and stunning natural beauty. Not many are aware of this small heaven on earth as it is not yet commercialised like it counterparts. Dainkund Peak, Khajji Nag Temple and Khajjiar Lake are among the popular tourist attractions of Khajjiar. And people who have visited here, swear by its beauty.

Places to visit in Khajjiar: Dainkund Peak, Khajji Nag Temple and Khajjiar Lake

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