Faroe Islands become home to world’s first undersea traffic circle

Faroe Islands become home to world's first undersea traffic circle

The bottom surface of North Atlantic Ocean has a series of sub-aquatic tunnels, linking the uneven islands that feature the Faroe Islands archipelago.

According to the latest reports, the newly built undersea Eysturoy tunnel has got noted for its striking new underwater traffic circle which is well-lit, turquoise-blue colour and other-worldly design make this tunnel look unique.

Linking the island of Streymoy to the island of Eysturoy and located 187 meters under the sea.
Reportedly, the 11-kilometer-long tunnel has been made to shorten the travel time from Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroes located on the isle Streymoy, to the centres of Runavík and Strendur situated on the isle of Eysturoy, to only 16 minutes.
The star attraction of the tunnel network is the illuminated traffic circle local artist Trondur Patursson. Made of natural rock, the traffic circle is situated at the centre of the tunnel network. The colours of the traffic circle change from green, blue and yellow with a dazzling effect.

As reported by international news daily, Teitur Samuelsen, the CEO of the company in charge of making the tunnels, the illuminated traffic circle symbolizes shifting from darkness towards light and also reminds the traditional Faroese chain dance, which involves people holding hands to form human chain. Both the ideas signify that the tunnel network is a symbol of connecting people.

It is said that the traffic circle is one-of-its-kind under the North Atlantic Ocean.

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