For new tour company, buses serve as the rolling hotel

For new tour company, buses serve as the rolling hotel

Roadies, a new Los Angeles-based travel company, launched
Monday as a road trip-style tour concept whereby passengers overnight in a
luxury motorcoach outfitted with sleeping quarters.

The Roadies motorcoaches are equipped with 11 sleep pods, a
bathroom and shower, flat screens TVs, WiFi access, books, games, and a variety
of food and snacks. Coaches will park at hotels where passengers will have
access to amenities like pools, gyms, restaurants, bars and spas at no extra

The company has two inaugural routes. The seven-day “Sunshine
& Lights Tour” includes stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs,
Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. The seven-day “Hot N’ Spicy
Tour” visits the same locations in reverse order. The first tours begin on
June 3.

The coaches will park at hotels like the Sunset Marquis in
LA, the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and the Catamaran in San Diego, and will
travel during the night, typically between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Tour managers will accompany a group of 11 people who can
choose between free activities on their own like taking a hike at the Grand
Canyon, finding a secluded beach in San Diego or heading to a bar in Los
Angeles. Or there is also the option to book excursions like a surf lesson in
San Diego, climbing and caving in Joshua Tree, or a helicopter tour through the
Grand Canyon.

Once customers have booked their tour date, they can add a
breakfast package for $90 that includes breakfast delivered to the coach daily,
and they can also book all their excursions.

Roadies pays 8% commission to travel agents, with potential
for a greater percentage for a large volume of bookings. Agents should contact the
company for more information.  

Roadies is looking for opportunities to expand. For example,
if there is an interest in a ski/snowboarding tour, the bus could visit
multiple mountain resorts during the trip. The company also said it’s not
ruling out international expansion.

Prices for the California tours start at $1,299 per person.

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