France imposes 10-day quarantine for people coming from India

France imposes 10-day quarantine for people coming from India

In a bid to control COVID cases, France has decided to impose a 10-day quarantine for people arriving from India in the coming days. The super deadly variant of the virus has gripped Indian and the hospitals in the country are in overwhelming state.

The move comes just after a few days of Paris announcing a ban on all flights coming from Brazil to stop the P1 coronavirus variant from entering. It also made quarantine mandatory for passengers on flights from Argentina, Chile and South Africa.

Gabriel Attal, government spokesman, on Wednesday said, “For certain countries where the health situation is very serious and worrisome in particular, we will again tighten the screws.”

He further said that India will be added to this list. The rest travel restrictions details will be unveiled in the coming days.

At present, India is struggling through a major second wave of infections. And almost 3.5 million new cases have been registered just this month. Recently, the UK too added India to its “red list” while Hong Kong and New Zealand have banned India flights. The US too has advised against travelling to India.

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