Fueling Growth Through Digital Transformation – Skift

Fueling Growth Through Digital Transformation – Skift

In this video:

  • How well does the travel industry understand customers: What are the primary concerns from customers? Is there a difference between industries?
  • Using data to better understand customers’ changing needs: How has the ability to collect data quickly and accurately changing the way companies operate?; and
  • MGM’s five-year plan: A look at how MGM has expanded beyond gaming and hotels to invest in food and beverage, entertainment, sports, and retail.

Amperity helps travel and hospitality brands unlock inaccessible customer data that’s trapped in a slew of systems and lines of business – from bookings and loyalty to ancillary products and brand credit cards – by building a single view of the guest and anticipating their preferences and needs, before, during, and after they travel.

In this video conversation from Skift Global Forum we hear from Jeanne Jones, Vice President, Head of Customer Community, Amperity and Prakash Ranjan, Vice President, Marketing Technology, MGM, about how to meet the changing needs of the modern traveler and MGM’s journey towards becoming a digital powerhouse.

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