G Adventures launches custom tour product

G Adventures launches custom tour product

Citing increased demand for personalized travel, G
Adventures launched TailorMade, a custom travel product. 

The company is offering the private tours for solo travelers
and groups in 11 countries this year — Botswana, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Peru,
Ecuador (including Galápagos), India, Laos, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and
Zimbabwe — with two or three sample itineraries for each destination.

G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip said the new offering
is designed to address a distinct gap in the market for tailor-made solutions in adventure travel, specifically in the affordable and mid-market
price ranges.

“The flexibility of TailorMade means travelers can
combine experiential travel with customization,” he said. “While we’ve
recognized an opportunity in the mid-range travel market, we’ll also be able to
cater to higher-end tastes in transport, meals and accommodation.”

In a December survey of more than 450 travel agents
globally, G Adventures said 84% reported an increase in requests for custom and
private tours over the previous year, with 44% describing it as being in high

Among U.S. travel agents, interest was even higher, with 93%
reporting an increased demand for custom, private travel and 59% describing it
as being in high demand. 

G Adventures said it is in the process of expanding its
sales team and assigning dedicated specialists who will work with travel agents
and customers to design the ideal itinerary.

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