Get aboard Japan’s new Pokemon-themed flights and buses

Get aboard Japan’s new Pokemon-themed flights and buses

If you are a Pokemon fan, the Pokemon-themed plane run by Japanese carrier, Solaseed Air, may be a good way to take your love for the cartoon characters a notch higher.

Located on the island of Kyushu, the Pokemon-themed plane was launched on December 19 as a collaborative project in tourism with The Pokemon Company and different regions of Japan. The maiden flight started from Miyazaki City to Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

Reportedly, every Japanese county is allocated a specific Pokemon, and a flight. It means that no matter where you travel within Japan, you will be assured of a unique Pokemon experience. So far, eight counties in Japan have joined in the new initiative.

For instance, Miyazaki Prefecture’s Pokemon is Exeggutor, featuring on the flight menu, the attendants’ uniform and the interior décor. So much so, Pokemon Exeggutor has also made a space for itself on buses in Miyazaki. In Japan’s Kagawa, Pokemon Slowpoke is the star attraction and Chansey is making waves in Fukushima.

News has it that Pokemon-themed planes and buses will run until the end of year 2021.

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