Goa’s new tourism policy to focus on diverse tourist interests

Goa’s new tourism policy to focus on diverse tourist interests

The Goa Tourism Policy 2020 has been framed to offer a uniquely Goan experience to the visitors by presenting a versatile concoction of historic, natural, ethnic, cultural locations and attractions. The new tourism policy has been made to rebrand and remarket Goa, by giving a comprehensive travel experience to tourists with cheaper, reliable, fast and comfortable transport facilities.

According to the reports, the new Tourism Policy will shift focus from the popular beaches in Goa to the ignored wilds and eco-tourism. The plan is to remarket Goa to get attention from different tourist groups by way of different cultural, heritage, eco-tourism, nature, coastal and other attractions.

By rolling out this initiative, Goa tourism aims to make the state as the most preferred destination by the year 2024.
It is expected that Goa Tourism Policy 2020 will be the backbone of all crucial decisions for planning, development and marketing. By opening new tourist spots and adding them to the tourism map, it will also create scope for more employment opportunities for the natives of Goa.

Meanwhile, Goa is looking forward to low-key Christmas celebrations this year as the Chief Arch Bishop has asked the locals to keep it subtle due to the ongoing pandemic. However, no official guidelines or notice has been issued to the tourists yet.

In other news from Goa, jellyfish swarms have been causing trouble to beachgoers in the state with about 90 cases of jellyfish stings reported recently. Goa Tourism, on its social media, published a helpful post on the same.

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