Himalayan Serow, rare goat-like antelope, spotted in Spiti

Himalayan Serow, rare goat-like antelope, spotted in Spiti

Himalayan Serow, a goat antelope that is rarely spotted, has been sighted by the state wing of Himachal Pradesh in the state’s remote Spiti Valley. This rare species has been spotted for the first time as per the reports.

Reportedly, this endangered medium-sized goat like antelope has been spotted at Hurling village in Spiti Valley.

Reportedly, this rare species of goat-like antelope had almost disappeared from the region. Its recent sighting has brought much delight to wildlife officials. The officials have also captured the rare animal movement in the camera, with footage of the animal grazing near a stream. The antelope, however, fled as soon as it sensed human movement.

The Himalayan Serow is already included under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Its hunting is also prohibited, and is listed among the rare species by the International Union for Conservation for Nature. The onlookers described it as an extremely shy animal, and informed that its sighting is possible only when it migrates to lower elevations.

Reports state that officials had been instructed to maintain a strict watch on the endangered animal, and keep a check on any potential threats.

As per the records, the Himalayan Serow was last spotted in 2018. Referring to its latest sighting, the wildlife department is enthralled to note that it is surviving in the area. Referring to this, Archana Sharma, Principal Chief Conservator, Wildlife Department, stated that it’s certainly an encouraging thing, and that they will keep a tab on its sighting in the Spiti region.

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