Hong Kong back on tourism circuit with its ‘Cruise to Nowhere’

Hong Kong back on tourism circuit with its 'Cruise to Nowhere'

Hong Kong, one of the major tourism destinations in the region, is keen to revive its tourism industry now. One such initiative that is all set to roll is its offering of
Cruise to Nowhere. Also popular as
Staycation at Sea and
Holiday at Home, these are emerging as one of the popular options to conventional cruise holidays. These vacations are aimed at fully-vaccinated vacationers, who are keen on a holiday.

Hong Kong Tourism Board Chairman YK Pang maintains that such initiatives will also be offered to visitors from other nations as well as to those from the mainland once the travel restrictions are lifted. High-sea cruises are an integral part of Hong Kong tourism and the concept of taking a cruise to nowhere is another bid to kickstart the same.

Mr Pang commented on the same, stating that, “The resumption of high-sea cruises is the first step to the recovery of the cruise sector. Therefore, the HKTB will first promote the experience of ‘Staycation at Sea’ in Hong Kong under the ‘Holiday at Home’ platform. At the same time, we will also communicate to consumers the newly established safety and hygiene protocol as well as the anti-epidemic measures adopted by cruise lines to rebuild visitors’ confidence in travelling on cruises.”

The concept of
Cruise to Nowhere came in the last year, when the pandemic first hit. Singapore was one of the first few destinations to experiment with the same. Such cruises offer their passengers a chance to stay safe as well as vacation overboard. Usually, one needs to undertake an RT-PCR test before boarding one such cruise. It is also seen that only a percentage of actual passenger capacity is allowed onboard to maintain social distancing.

With the world coming to terms with newer ways of travelling, such initiatives might become a norm in the new world.

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