Know all about IATA travel pass for travellers

Know all about IATA travel pass for travellers

International Air Transport Association (IATA) is an airline traders’ association from across the globe promoting cooperation in ensuring the safety, security and reliability of air services. In order to ensure hassle free air travel, the association is planning to launch IATA Travel Pass mobile application (under process) which will enable travellers to save and manage COVID-19 tests and vaccines certifications.

According to the reports, the app would be made available in iOS and Android stores by March 2021. The information offered via IATA Travel Pass can be used by governments asking for Coronavirus testing or vaccination proofs before allowing people to travel in foreign countries.

The association also aims at providing governments with the confidence to reopen their borders without sending travellers in quarantine.

How does the pass work?

The IATA Travel Pass will allow travellers a hassle-free travel experience while meeting government COVID-19 test requirements. The app will offer:

1) Global registry of health requirements to find accurate travel, testing and vaccine requirements for journeys.

2) Global registry of testing/vaccination centers to identify testing centers and labs at departure location.

3) Lab app to locate authorised labs and testing centers.

4) Digital passport module to allow passengers to create a digital passport, receive test and vaccination certificates. It will also share testing or vaccination certificates with the concerned airlines.

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