Lighthouses could become tourism spots in India in the near future

Lighthouses could become tourism spots in India in the near future

India might soon be getting world-class facilities at its lighthouses. According to reports, the Marine Aids to Navigation Bill, 2021 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha. The bill was passed by the Lower House of the Parliament, and it aims to bring heritage lighthouses in the country to the forefront. The bill repels the archaic Lighthouse Act, 1927, which currently controls the lighthouses in India.

The bill aims to convert heritage lighthouses in the country into tourism centres. The country has 65 lighthouses that the government aims to work on, and develop as tourist sites. It would boost tourism to a great extent, and also allow travellers to explore these old-world charms.

The lighthouses could be designated as any aid to navigation under the control of the central government, while also developing them into cultural, educational hubs, besides a tourism hub.

The lighthouses in question are distributed among the various states of the country. There are 13 such lighthouses that have been identified in Gujarat; 11 in Tamil Nadu; 10 in Kerala; 9 in Andhra Pradesh; 5 each in Odisha, Maharashtra, and Karnataka; 3 in West Bengal; 2 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands; and 1 in Goa.

Lighthouses were built during a time when technology was limited. These lighthouses are however still used in certain parts of the world. They emit light that guides ships. It is very helpful for those who are lost at sea, or those who just need guidance to reach the shore. As fascinating as it can get, a lighthouse tour could soon be your travel agenda in the coming time.

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