MSC Cruises rolling out personalization technology

MSC Cruises rolling out personalization technology

MSC Cruises will debut a digital wayfinding, guest experience
and concierge service on the MSC Meraviglia, a ship scheduled to start service
in the Mediterranean this summer.

The concept will be called MSC for Me and will involve
fitting the ship with 16,000 points of connectivity, 700 digital access points
and 114 interactive screens as well as allowing lock access to 2,244 staterooms.

MSC said the technology has been several years in
development and partners Samsung, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Deloitte
Digital have helped to refine the concept.

The second ship to get MSC for Me will be the MSC Seaside,
scheduled to debut in November in Miami and serve the Caribbean year-round. MSC
said it envisions MSC for Me on all 11 of the ships it has contracted to build
in the future.

“We’ve already invested about $21 million in the first
two ships alone, to develop technology and infrastructure that is capable of
meeting the needs of guests for years to come,” MSC executive chairman
Pierfrancesco Vago said.

MSC for Me will provide 130 “smart” features, the
company said. The services include:

Navigation: a digital way finder that provides guests with
advice, guidance and information on what’s onboard. The technology is similar
to smart maps, MSC said, and will help parents to locate their children.

Concierge: allows guests to book services, restaurants and

Capture: offers digital immersive discovery through virtual
reality to preview excursions. A gallery with interactive screens shows the story
of a guest’s trip, which they can share with others.

Organizer: a planning tool for guests to check in with their
mobile device, book trips, seats for shows or a restaurant table, before
embarking or when onboard.

TailorMade: a digital
personal advisor that will provide recommendations based on preferences.
Intelligent face recognition will help staff take care of guests in a personalized
way. Interactive bracelets will connect guests to the ship’s services and will
activate geo-located suggestions through 3,050 Bluetooth beacons.

The timing of MSC’s launch of MSC for Me means it will
become available on a North American ship about the same time that Princess
Cruises debuts its Ocean Medallion and Ocean Compass digital services that were
announced by Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald at CES 2017 in Las Vegas in

MSC made its announcement for MSC for Me at the ITB Berlin
travel show.

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