Mysterious Kamrunag Lake in Himachal where unknown treasure is stored

Mysterious Kamrunag Lake in Himachal where unknown treasure is stored

The Kamrunag Lake is one of the many places on earth that baffles the intellect of an average human. It is not an ordinary lake but one that has uncountable wealth stored in its bed. Located in Mandi, the blessed land of Himachal Pradesh, at a height of 3,334 metre, in the midst of the beautiful Balh Valley and Dhauladhar Range, the Kamrunag Lake is an oasis for a spiritually-parched soul. For nature lovers, the sights surrounding this lake are like a treat to the sore eyes!

The legend of Kamrunag

The lake is made in honour of the King of Yakshas who finds a mention in the Mahabharata. It was the second Pandava brother, the mighty Prince Bhima, who built this lake which is also connected to the netherworld. Yakshas are believed to be the celestial guardians of wealth hidden at different places on earth. Going by this belief, people have been visiting the lake, believing it to be residence of the Yaksha, for blessings and wish fulfilment by offering gold and silver to the sacred waters.

The locals worship Kamrunag Devta as the deity presiding over rainfall, and hence, a temple has been built near the lake to offer ceremonial prayers to him. Due to its closeness to the Kamrunag Temple, the ancient lake has been named after it.

Uncalculated wealth lies inside the lake

Over a period of time, uncountable wealth has gathered inside the lake. In fact, just like no one knows what lies inside the mysterious Vault B of Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Trivandrum, no one dares to ascertain the exact wealth lying at the lake bed. Many people visit this site and devoutly offer riches to appease the deities. However, the unfathomable nature of Kamrunag Lake has remained enshrouded in mystery for decades. There have been attempts by thieves to rob off the lake of its underlying wealth, but the efforts have gone in vain, by the ire of the guardian deities, as believed by the locals.

What else?

Every year, in the month of June, pilgrims visit Kamrunag Temple to pay obeisance of the presiding deity.

How to reach?

The trek from Rohanda to Kamrunag takes 3 to 4 hours, and it is as long as 6-8 km. The path is steep and is full of dense foliage; it is mandatory for trekkers to by physically fit. Tourists planning to visit by road can drive from Sundernagar to Rohanda 35 km. On reaching Rohanda, take the foot journey all the way to Kamrunag. Train travellers can alight at Joginder Nagar railway station located at a distance of 101 km from Kamrunag. From the railway station, private cabs are available. The nearest airport to Kamrunag Temple is Bhuntar airport.

P.S. Tourists can spend more time in the area by staying at the HP Forest Rest House at Rohanda.

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