Owner of Baba ka Dhaba opens new restaurant in Delhi

Owner of Baba ka Dhaba opens new restaurant in Delhi

Delhi has been one of the most thriving culinary cities in the world. However, the street food scene of Delhi suffered a major setback during the lockdown imposed in March 2020.

Months after, when street food vendors returned to do their business, it was not easy to catch up and compensate for the loss they had incurred. One such story of struggle was of 80-year-old Kanta Prasad and his wife, the owners of Baba Da Dhaba in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

It was only when a YouTuber brought their story to light that people started queuing up at his humble food stall to eat the food cooked by the elderly couple.

Consequently, the dhaba business flourished and the couple could soon earn enough money to expand their business. News has it that Kanta Prasad has now opened a new restaurant in Malviya Nagar near their old dhaba. He has also hired a chef for cooking Chinese cuisine and a helper. The Indian food had been priced at INR 50 per plate, which is the same rate as before.

According to Economic Times, Prasad’s wife and son inaugurated the new restaurant recently. They have invested INR 5 lakhs in refurbishing and buying useful things for the restaurant. The rent for the space is INR 35000, and it has been equipped with six tables to allow 20 customers to dine in at a time. Prasad also served free food to 50 to 60 persons during the inauguration ceremony.

Well, this certainly looks like a happier story for a rather bleak year. Foodies, take note.

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