Richard Fain to agents: Get ready for better times ahead

Richard Fain to agents: Get ready for better times ahead

In his latest video message to travel advisors, Royal
Caribbean chairman Richard Fain said that when the coronavirus crisis ends,
travel advisors will be more valuable than ever. 

“In the new world that will follow the current crisis, your
value as travel advisors becomes even more critical,” he said. “People need
facts and your ability to provide that expertise and to educate the public on
the value of a cruise — it’s going to be invaluable.”

Fain encouraged advisors to use this time to prepare for “the
better times ahead” by reaching out clients to maintain relationships. Fain
wants travel advisors to be ready to respond when the crisis ends. 

“I know it’s been a tough and unrewarding effort recently,
but it will pay off in spades just as seeds planted in the spring blossom in
the new harvest,” he said. 

Fain also asserted that when the coronavirus crisis ends,
there will be huge demand for vacations. 

“Weeks of social distancing are creating the need for
togetherness,” he said. “Making memories and great vacations will be in huge
demand when the current situation passes.”

And when that time comes, Fain said, advisors’ clients will
remember them. 

“People are going to be ready for a vacation, and they’re
going to remember how you stood by them, and they’re going to stand by you,” he

Fain reiterated his faith in the cruise industry’s

“While the short term is continuing to look tough, I still
believe without a doubt in the longer term,” he said. “Celebrity Apex is
coming, Odyssey of the Seas is coming, and it will always be a Perfect Day at
Coco Cay.”

Fain said RCCL has teams planning “our return to market as
we speak,” and making sure its ships have best-in-class health and sanitation
procedures, making use “of the hard lessons we’ve learned over these last few

“As we complete the process of returning to service, we
think about your role as travel advisors,” he added. “As you know, we at Royal
Caribbean have always believed in the tremendous value you provide to us and to
your customers. We admire it and we appreciate it.” 

Fain first reached out to the travel advisor community about the Covid-19 crisis in
early March. 

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