Scented ‘Spit Bags’ coming soon to Mumbai Railways, thanks to paan lovers!

Scented ‘Spit Bags’ coming soon to Mumbai Railways, thanks to paan lovers!

Yes, scented spit bags are real things! And soon, these will be seen at Mumbai railway stations thanks to paan lovers. Spitting in public places is a common scene in India and most people do not hesitate even for a second before spitting anywhere. Railway stations are apparently the favourite place of paan fans, so the Mumbai stations will soon start selling scented spit bags to keep the stations clean and hygienic.

The Mumbai Railways have decided to introduce portable spittoons or spit pouches and containers that will be made available to the public at a minimum price of 10 and INR 20, respectively.

As of now, Nagpur railways station has one such vending machine that offers biodegradable and reusable EzySpit pouches and containers. If the vending machine gets a positive response from the public here, Mumbai railway stations too will get such vending machines as a passenger amenity very soon.

Krishnath Patil, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager at Nagpur station, said “We are determined to keep stations clean, and while general litter and garbage can be taken care of, spitting has been a major challenge. A pouch can be used multiple times during the journey. This pouch will prove to be a boon in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The best part of these pouches is that these are spill-proof and ooze a scented fragrance every time someone spits in them. Another interesting feature of these pocket-friendly pouches is that it comes with a solution that would help solidify the spittle, liquid and vomit in just 10 seconds. People can dispose of these after use.

Highlighting the utility of these spittoons, Patil said that these spit pouches are a blessing for seniors and sick commuters. He said that during a long journey, passengers keep sitting at one place for hours and it gets quite difficult for senior and sick commuters to get up and visit the washroom every time.

And spitting out of the window is considered extremely unhygienic and often leads to unhealthy verbal exchanges between co-passengers. So these pouches and containers will solve all such problems while maintaining hygiene.

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