Singapore Tourism to launch a virtual taxi ride around the country

Singapore Tourism to launch a virtual taxi ride around the country

Last year when the world was hit by a pandemic, people everywhere were forced to stay at home. During that time, thanks to the internet, virtual tours and experiences were introduced so that people could enjoy their lockdown life from their couch. Working on the same model, the Singapore Tourism Board has now launched the king of all virtual tours ever!

The Singapore Tourism Board is all set to launch four live streams, called
Singapore by Stream, that will enable people watching from around the world to visit and experience the popular as well as hidden spots of Singapore. In this choose-your-own-adventure video, all people need to do is tell their destination and a virtual taxi will take them to their destination.

Explaining the concept, the tourism board in a statement said. “The taxi driver and a host will help give an insider guide to Singapore, sharing tips on where to find the best chicken satay and kaya toast (spoiler alert: it’s Maxwell Food Centre and Ya Kun, respectively) and making stops along the way to show the best of Singapore while we’re still stuck at home.”

The board further added that the viewers will be encouraged to engage with the taxi drivers throughout their experience. It will “create the feeling that they too are canvasing the Lion City while travel remains on hold.”

So people will need to comment in the box where they wish to go and the taxi drivers will take them there. The streams will happen live while tours will take place on March 25 (8 PM – 10 PM eastern), and March 28 (8 PM – 10 PM eastern).

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