Skift Global Forum Preview: Picturing a Corporate Travel Rebound — Smaller, More Efficient

Skift Global Forum Preview: Picturing a Corporate Travel Rebound — Smaller, More Efficient


It’s been six months since corporations pulled the plug on employee travel. That initial pause, around the end of March, was only meant to be temporary but the pandemic’s evolution is proving otherwise.

Today, the corporate travel sector is only now beginning to take stock of what’s ahead. There’s a re-evaluation of the business trip on the horizon, following several frantic months dealing with emergency repatriations and battles over refunds and credit notes.

There’s also been the heightened importance of bio-safety working its way into the travel program, as well as debates over how best to deal with employee nervousness and travel readiness.

The time out from traveling has also sparked an acceleration in technology implementations, as businesses use the downtime to roll out new tools and platforms. Travel agencies are also resizing for the future, and looking at new business models to safeguard their futures.

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As we look forward to 2021 and beyond, the purpose of business travel is open for debate.

How will a trip look over the next decade following the mass (and mostly successful) adoption of remote working and video conferencing? Will travel actually increase as a way of reconnecting distributed workforces? And how will its new shape and form impact airlines, hotels and other suppliers across the industry?

Ultimately, corporate travel will be scaled down compared to the record levels seen during 2019. Join experts on a panel on September 23 during the Skift Global Forum 2020 — the flagship global conference on the business of travel — as we discuss to what extent.

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Photo Credit: Business trips will take on different forms in the years ahead. Robert Bye / Unsplash

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