ITLM goes virtual with 2020 World Tour

September 18, 2020 0

ILTM has replaced its suspended 2020 shows with online versions. Under the title ITLM World Tour, the virtual events are designed to unite the entire global community of buyers and suppliers of luxury travel.  A […]

Virtual reality check: Travel Weekly

September 10, 2020 0

A VR primer First, it’s important to define VR, because even within the VR world there are some nuances. According to industry experts, true VR constitutes an eye-covering headset that closes the viewer off to […]

Carnival bringing virtual cruising to AT&T stores

September 8, 2020 0

Carnival Corp. has partnered with Samsung and AT&T to offer a “fully immersive virtual reality cruise experience” using VR headsets at select AT&T stores. Carnival said the project, which kicks off Feb. 19, will let […]

When to Charge Sales Tax for Virtual Events

August 17, 2020 0

If virtual events have one undeniable advantage, it’s their potential for a much wider reach than traditional in-person events. The catch is that this expanded scope can mean much more complicated tax implications under US […]

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