The now-viral ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ in Delhi is where you can satiate food cravings

The now-viral ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ in Delhi is where you can satiate food cravings

The internet can make or break things in a matter of a few seconds! While some things are blown out of proportion, there are cases where people got united to help each other. This is what happened when a video of an elderly couple in Delhi went viral. Their story of struggle, to make ends meet during the Coronavirus crisis, was captured in a clip and shared in social media. Soon after that, masses as well as celebrities have taken upon themselves to help the aged couple earn enough to survive this pandemic.

Celebrities, including Raveena Tandon, Chitrangada Singh, and Randeep Hood also shared the video to promote this eatery in South Delhi.

It is the story of 80-year-old Kanta Prasad and his wife, who wake up at 5 AM every day and start their usual business of preparing food for their stall, Baba Ka Dhaba. But the pandemic has been kind of rough for them and their dhaba, as the business dipped almost to nil, with people being cautious and avoiding street food altogether. Earlier, they used to earn several hundred rupees a day, which plummeted to less than INR 50 a day during this crisis. This, however, changed after their video went viral.

As the story went viral, people started pouring into his dhaba the very next day, even before he finished preparing food. In fact, customers started queuing up, some had even come from Gurgaon and far off locations to support the couple and buy food from ‘woh Twitter wale baba’. Some people also offered a helping hand as he was taken aback to see such a huge number of customers. Amazingly, everything got sold out in just over an hour. An elated Prasad said, “Log gaadiyan le kar aa rahe thay aur 5-6 plate le jaa rahe thay.”

Overwhelmed with this response, Prasad who does not understand what social media is, said all he knows is that his prayers have been answered.

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