This ‘Flying Kiss’ ride will take you high up in the air with no seat belts and safety harness

This ‘Flying Kiss’ ride will take you high up in the air with no seat belts and safety harness

Two giant statues blowing flying kisses is the new tourist attraction that has opened in China and have gone viral too. This theme park attraction is grabbing everyone’s attention, and all due to valid reasons. The attraction dubbed as ‘Flying Kiss’ is a ride that has two giant statues of man and woman each holding a rotating observation deck on a 3000 ft high cliff, for visitors to enjoy the scenic landscape.

What is more interesting about this ride is that, it has no seat belt, safety harness, and no seat too. It’s so terrifying that one would need real guts to hop onto it.

Labelled as an ‘extreme’ theme park attraction, the ride has two giant statues of a man and woman overlooking a high cliff. The ride that has statues of man and woman facing each other, begins with both of the statues bending down to the ground and picking up passengers from a rooftop platform. The statues then take up and hold passengers on observation decks. Once the passengers are on board, the ride begins its journey offering fabulous views of the skyline.

Here comes the catch. As the rides don’t have safety harness and seats, everything is not only about stunning and picturesque views. And if you are concerned about the safety measures, there’s just this waste-high gate to protect you from falling, thereby giving you ample space on board to move freely around the observation desk.

The ride actually took inspiration from a Chinese mythical love story that is about two lovers, and during the climax, the pair reaches their highest elevation, i.e., the point where the two statues ‘kiss’.

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