This Paris museum is reopening after five years of remaining closed

This Paris museum is reopening after five years of remaining closed

The Musee Carnavalet that was established way back in 1888 has now reopened after remaining closed for five years. The museum is back in the limelight after getting a €55 million makeover. As France is on the verge of ripening for international travellers, the museum has decided to reopen on May 29. Known for exhibits related to the history of Paris, the museum is housed in two old buildings.

Visitors would be thrilled to know that the museum offers a great amalgamation of artefacts and curiosities, all pertaining to the history of the city.

So literature buffs will be glad to find furniture that once belonged to Marcel Proust, while history buffs will be elated to see items that belonged to Marie Antoinette. The museum is truly one of the best places to learn about the history of Paris. The city has after all been at the centre of popular culture for so long.

Musee Carnavalet closed back in 2016, and is now reopening after five long years. After the renovation, the museum now has enough space to accommodate its ever-growing collection. The museum now has a circuit route in chronological order, while it has also been redesigned in such a way that more light comes in from the outside. The basement has also been renovated, and now houses collections from the Mesolithic age to the Renaissance period.

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