This remote Irish island is hiring people to run guest cottages and a coffee shop

This remote Irish island is hiring people to run guest cottages and a coffee shop

Are you looking for a dream travel job? Here is an opportunity for you. Great Blasket Island, which is located off the coast of Ireland, is looking for people to manage guest cottages and a coffee shop for six months.

Reportedly, Billy O’Connor and his partner Alice Hayes, who own a coffee shop and three cottages, are looking for two friends or a couple to manage their said properties for a period of six months, i.e., from April to October.

They posted the job application on the Island’s Twitter account recently, and have advised the applicants to read the FAQs before applying.

The scenic Great Blasket Island was abandoned long ago and boasts of stunning ocean views. The properties, owned by Billy O’Connor and Alice Hayes, will then feature chosen caretakers, who will receive stay as well as salary, which will be discussed during the application process.

Since the said island has no running electricity and water, the owners are looking for a specific type of candidate, who can manage the properties without these basic essentials. Referring to this, they said they have decided to add these job criteria, so that it doesn’t consume much time to get through them.

Since the island has no electricity or Wi-Fi, the job criteria also advise visitors to bring their own drinking water as it is a ‘limited commodity.’

So, if you are in for some rustic living, this job is for you. Even without no running water and no electricity, the island is a popular tourist destination, which witnessed more than 400 visitors per day during the summers in 2019.

Everyone from around the world is welcome to apply, as long as they can speak English fluently, and can obtain a work visa.

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