Turkey sets incentives to lure cruise ships

Turkey sets incentives to lure cruise ships

The government of Turkey is offering incentives for cruise
lines to call in Turkish ports, according to a big port operating company based
in the country.

Many cruise lines stopped calling in Turkey because of
bombings at the Istanbul airport in 2016 and an attempted coup against the government.

In 2018, the government will pay up to $45 per passenger,
according to Global Ports Holding, an operator of ports worldwide based in

In a posting on its website, Global Ports said the $45
incentive is available in the low seasons of January-April and November-December,
while arrivals in the mid-season of May and June would yield $35 per passenger,
with July-October high-season arrivals worth $25.

Payments would be made through “shorex agencies,”
the posting said.

The incentives apply only to ships with 100 or more
passengers and exclude Turkish passengers.

For 2019, cruise lines making a turnaround in Turkish ports
will receive an additional 50% increase on the passenger fees listed (including
one-way passengers), the posting said.

Global Ports said the payments are part of a “Turkish
Cruise Tourism Incentive Pack” recently announced by the government.

Roger Frizzell, chief communications officer for Carnival
Corp., said he wasn’t aware of the incentives but said Carnival “continues
to keep a close watch on this market in hopes of returning our cruise ships in
the future.”

Global Ports Holding operates ports in Kusadasi, Bodrum and
Antalya in western Turkey.

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