Undersea exploration to be a luxury affair in Seabourn Venture’s subs

Undersea exploration to be a luxury affair in Seabourn Venture's subs

Seabourn said guests using the submersibles on its new
expedition ships will sit in swivel seats with a hemispheric view of the
underwater world.

A pair of U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub 7 subs will be standard
equipment on the 264-passenger Seabourn Venture and its unnamed sister ship.

Each sub will carry up to six guests, three in each pod. The
pilot will sit in an elevated cockpit between the two acrylic pods, steering
the battery-powered subs to depths of up to 900 feet.

“With these subs, we’re going to take our guests to
places that few have ever seen firsthand, leaving them with a perspective on
the world around us that is jaw-dropping and will create stories to last a
lifetime,” said Robin West, vice president of expedition operations for

In keeping with the Seabourn luxury experience, each sub will be outfitted with embroidered leather upholstery,
two air conditioning systems, a Bluetooth stereo system and a champagne

Seabourn said the subs will be operated multiple times per
day in regions where conditions are suitable. They will be
equipped with underwater LED flood/spot lights, imaging sonar that acts as a
second set of eyes, and an advanced underwater tracking and navigation system. 

Seabourn Venture is scheduled to launch in June 2021, with
the unnamed sister ship slated to launch in May 2022.

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