Understanding COVID-19 tests requirement for international travel

Understanding COVID-19 tests requirement for international travel

Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, travelling has become a luxury for people, but reaching the desired destination had never been such a difficult task before. In a bid to control and limit the spread of COVID-19, several countries have introduced travelling rules that require incoming travellers to show a recently taken COVID-19 negative test report.

The United States of America is accepting COVID-19 results from only a government established lab detecting the genetic material of the virus. Also known as rapid antigen test, this one is considered the most sensitive and accurate type of test. The tests report shouldn’t be older than three days.

The second acceptable test report is the swab test but the results take time. Health professionals take a nasal swab and give the results the next day. While rapid tests have a turnaround time of about 15 to 30 minutes, the swab tests might take more than a day.

But even after going through any of these tests, the USA also seeks an electronic or printed proof of result from a verified medical lab which means that even if someone takes the fastest test available, they still have to get the documentation from a health care provider.

England too follows the same approach when it comes to COVID-19 acceptable test reports. The country is accepting both types of tests, however, health authorities in Britain are still imposing extra requirements for accuracy. Travellers to England are asked to check and make sure their test meets their standard.

So for those planning a trip to any of these countries, must make sure that you carry a proper negative result.

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