Unused washing machines become home to street cats in Portugal

Unused washing machines become home to street cats in Portugal

When the internet is full of only negative news, this story will definitely make you smile and restore faith in humanity. In the Valongo region of Porto, Portugal, people have made cat homes from old and discarded washing machines and dryers. Porto authorities have been converting old machines into makeshift shelters for stray cats living on the streets. They have also decorated and painted these shelters to make them look pretty and cute.

The inside of these machines are lined with blankets to give cats homely and cosy feels. Veterinarian Fernando Rodrigues said, “This year, the Municipality of Valongo started sterilising colonies of stray cats, having sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped more than 100 cats and cats in 12 colonies. We now feel the need to provide them with a home. This project stemmed from that idea, as the old washing or drying machines are a domestic waste that can be reused and are free of charge.”

The vet further said, ‘We will need about 50 machines this year alone. Anyone who wants to donate washing or drying machines (in the latter, the drum is bigger), can contact them.

These stray cats have been living on streets for a long time now. They already have people feeding them on the streets full time. And now they also have a home of their own. As of now, the authorities are giving two to three old machines to every cat colony. There are people donating their unused washing machines, washers and dryers for the cause as well.

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