What is regenerative travel? It is more than just being sustainable

What is regenerative travel? It is more than just being sustainable

The tourism industry across the world has been grossly hit by the pandemic, but that is not stopping new coinage of travel trends. That, because right now it is supposedly the time of Regenerative travel, and a report by The New York Times affirms this notion by stating, Move over, Sustainable Travel in the headline. Hence, are we to believe that sustainable travel is now passe? Maybe not so fast. But what is regenerative travel after all?

The art of improvement

What is regenerative travel? It is more than just being sustainable

People in 2020 are obsessed with leaving a better world for future generations. and regenerative travel is an extension of the same. It is what we get when sustainable tourism evolves, and matures. So while a sustainable traveller does not make a mess of the place he or she is visiting, and is mindful of its eco-sensitivity, there enters the regenerative traveller. Someone who not only does not harm the environment/place, but leaves it better than it was.

So you leave a place greener, better, and cleaner at your wake, and the next person outdoes your efforts, and the next one does an even better job. At this rate we can expect a bright new world, pretty soon.

Vacation meets values

There is a website dedicated to Regenerative Travel, and it mentions there in beautiful cursive, Where your vacation meets values. With a number of resorts tying up with them, they are looking to make an environmental and social impact. These are value driven experiences, with eco-luxury stays, community engagement, resource management, environmental initiatives and more. It is most definitely a great learning experience, and allows travellers to travel with a purpose.

What is regenerative travel? It is more than just being sustainable

Now, there are many tour operators as well who are going the regenerative way. One Seed Expedition, for example, wants you to travel for good, and to invest in communities across the world.

All of this points to the fact that walking around aimlessly looking for cool things to do is not going to be cool in the future. There needs to be a purpose. Are you game for such a trip?

The pandemic pause

While the pause that the pandemic has put on the travel industry is really disheartening, it has allowed such conversations to take place. What kind of a travel industry would we like to return to? How are we going to make things better?

It is, of course, human nature to strive for higher standards, and as the city of Sydney turned to renewable energy recently, and Aspen, Colorado, did the same too, the rest of the world is taking note.

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