You can now buy a piece of Eiffel Tower!

You can now buy a piece of Eiffel Tower!

Paris has been on the travel wishlist for many, but COVID-19 has put a brake to all sorts of travel. What will keep you travel stoked is the fact that you can now own a part of its famous landmark, i.e, the Eiffel Tower. Well, even if you are not able to travel as of now, you can buy a part of this famous monument.

Reportedly, a segment of an original staircase from the Eiffel Tower is going to be auctioned on December 1 by Artcurial as a part of its Parisian Art Deco and Design Sale.

Reportedly, this 2.6 m segment that comes from the historic spiral staircase was built by Gustave Eiffel and his collaborators for the Universal Exhibition of 1889. Later on, after a few years, an elevator replaced the original staircase, i.e., between the second and third floor of the famous monument. The staircase was dismantled and was separated into 24 segments, two of which measure 9 m.

Recently, Artcurial posted about the sale on social media, stating that they will be selling a part of the stairs from the Eiffel Tower on the occasion of their Art Déco & Design sale on December 1! The staircase, which is nearly 3 m high and has 14 steps, used to connect the second and third floors of the monument. Also, in 2016, another set of the iconic monument, known as the Iron Lady was sold for half a million euros.

It is very likely that the bid for this sale would reach as high as 30000 to 40000 Euros. A piece of the same staircase was sold for 523800 Euros in 2016. Further, another 3.5 m high segment was auctioned for 220000 Euros in 2013 during a previous Artcurial sale.

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