You can now go back for long hikes in the Appalachian trail

You can now go back for long hikes in the Appalachian trail

You can now go back to the Appalachian Trail for the long-distance trek as it makes a comeback. All long-distance hikers were asked to postpone their treks last year in March, due to the COVID-19 outbreak by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC).

The ATC is bringing back the long distance hikers since vaccines are widely available against the virus, and people are getting vaccinated. A second reason for this decision is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified outdoor activities as being significantly less risky for spreading the virus; this holds true for both vaccinated, and non-vaccinated people.

When a long-distance hiker goes to hike, there are many factors that could lead to spreading the virus. One of the main reasons the ATC had recommended against long-distance hikes is that hikers stay overnight in shelters, huts, campsites, and these are not set up for social distancing. Also, hikers stop in towns for supplies, and this may also lead to the spread of the coronavirus. Then again, they need to hitchhike or take shuttles to reach these towns, furthering the risk of spreading the virus. So one long-distance hike can lead to the downfall of the entire region.

ATC has asked hikers to wear a mask, pack a tent, and follow CDC recommendations when travelling.

The adventurous Appalachian Trail runs through two national parks, eight national forests, and 14 states, making it one of the finest hiking trails. It is for everyone who is a die hard adventurer.

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