You can zipline into a Godzilla’s mouth at this Japanese theme park

You can zipline into a Godzilla’s mouth at this Japanese theme park

If adventurous rides and godzillas are the things that excite you, this read will definitely make your day. The Nijigen no Mori Park on the Awaji Island in Japan has installed a life-size Godzilla, luring the most adventurous souls these days. The Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji here is a massive zipline that takes visitors directly into the glowing and growling belly of the installation. After coming down, riders will have to stop Godzilla cells from growing further by shooting at it.

According to a spokesperson from the company operating the theme park, the statue installed at the theme park is the only life-size statue of Godzilla ever built. He further said that they would want Godzilla fans from all over the world to come and appreciate the gigantic monster, which they have only seen on big screens before now.

According to the Japanese local news, the massive Godzilla statue is 75 ft tall, 82 ft wide and about 180 ft long. At the park, one can see the upper half of the statue as the lower half is buried beneath the ground.

The park also features a Godzilla museum, where figurines and dioramas are kept. Besides the on-site restaurant, one can order themed food like Godzilla curry, prepared using signature onions of Awaji Island, and Godzilla ice cream puff with strawberries.

Important information

Entrance fee: $36 (INR 2637) for those aged 12 and older, $20 (INR 1465) for children aged five to 11, and free entry for kids less than four.

Address: 2425-2 Kusumoto, Awaji, Hyogo 656-2301, Japan

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